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At Kerry Mental Health Association CLG we place a high value on the work of our volunteers as we depend heavily on their skills and dedication to provide excellent services.

Working with us requires a real understanding and appreciation of our beliefs and values and the ability to apply them in day-to-day work.

We want everyone to be able to give of their best and to derive personal satisfaction and fulfilment from their work. We encourage a culture that is friendly and welcoming to all and we continually aim to create an environment that supports learning, growth and personal development.

We aim, when possible and/or when necessary, to offer the opportunities for training, recognising this is an essential ingredient in providing quality services and in the overall success of the organisation.

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How does your experience (gained by volunteering, employment or informally/personally) meet the charitable purpose and object of Kerry Mental Health Association CLG?
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Please review the volunteer policy here: Volunteer Policy PDF