KERRY Mental Health Association and the five teams in the county that compete in the Basketball Super and National Leagues have come together to promote mental health and wellbeing in 2022.

Fans at home games in Tralee, Killorglin, Castleisland and Killarney will hear information about the Five Ways To Wellbeing during the ‘Timeouts’ in matches for the remainder of the season.

The Five Ways To Wellbeing are: Connect | Be Active | Take Notice | Keep Learning | Give.

Pictured at Kerry Airport to launch the Timeout For Mental Health Campaign were: Front L/R : Fergal O’Sullivan (Garveys Tralee Warriors) and David Gleeson (Scott’s Lakers St Paul’s Killarney). Back L/R : Andrew Fitzgerald (Killarney Cougars), John Drummey (General Manager, Kerry Mental Health Association), Paris McCarthy (Team Garveys St Mary’s Castleisland) and Eoin Evans (Team 360 Financial Killorglin). Photo By : Domnick Walsh © Eye Focus LTD . Domnick Walsh Photographer is an Irish Aviation Authority ( IAA ) approved Quadcopter Pilot. Tralee Co Kerry Ireland. Mobile Phone : 00 353 87 26 72 033 Land Line : 00 353 66 71 22 981 E/Mail : [email protected] Web Site : ALL IMAGES ARE COVERED BY COPYRIGHT ©

The General Manager of Kerry Mental Health Association, John Drummey, said: “January and February are when many of us need a bit of a lift. Wellbeing is not just about being in good physical condition. It crucially includes the state of your mental health. If our minds are not in a good place, there can be a series of knock-on effects that will impact the quality of our overall wellbeing. We are grateful to the men and women who play with Kerry’s five senior basketball teams for sharing their ‘timeouts’ to promote the Five Ways To Wellbeing. Kerry Mental Health Association recognises and appreciates the volunteers who work in the background to promote basketball from underage to senior level throughout the county. We wish them a healthy 2022 and every success in their respective competitions.”

What are the 5 Ways To Wellbeing?

  1. Connect…with the people around you. Family and friends, work colleagues and people in your community. If you can’t connect with someone in person, there’s always the phone, a direct message on social media or text or the good old-fashioned posted letter. You’ll feel good for getting in touch and the person you reach out to will appreciate the connection that’s being made.
  2. Be Active…whatever the weather or wherever you are. The Kerry weather shouldn’t stop us from going for a walk, run or cycle. Put on your favourite song and dance your heart out! No one has to see you and if they do, it might give them a lift too! Being physically active can improve your mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Take Notice…of the world around you. Have you seen or heard something today that you never noticed before? Seasons change…the clouds make interesting shapes, the rain and wind combine to create a rhythmic backing track to your “me-time”.  Pay attention to the present moment.
  4. Keep Learning…something new or reconnect with something that you used to enjoy doing. Challenging yourself learning a new skill will increase your confidence which can improve your mental health and wellbeing.
  5. Give…someone a compliment, your unused parking disc, your time as a volunteer. You’ll feel good about yourself. Thanking someone for something they’ve done for you is the gift of appreciation.

Kerry Mental Health Association is inviting people to join any of the nine branches where the volunteers pursue befriending and support activities to enrich the lives of neighbours and friends who are living with mental health challenges, including mental illness.

“It is our mission to promote mental health to everyone in Kerry, to support people with mental health challenges, their families and carers through the activities of our Branch network and to provide accommodation for persons with mental health challenges,” said John Drummey.

Kerry Mental Health Association has thanked and sent best wishes for the remainder of the basketball season to Garvey’s Tralee Warriors, Team 360 Financial Killorglin, Team Garvey’s St Mary’s Castleisland, Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney and Killarney Cougars.

For more information about Kerry Mental Health Association or to get involved as a Volunteer, please visit or email [email protected].